Direct mail is one of the best methods for reaching potential customers.  Your full mailbox testifies to this truth – if direct mail wasn’t effective, companies wouldn’t use it.  There is a very good reason that Google uses direct mail to solicit AdWords customers rather than relying solely on online methods – it works extremely well.  Direct mail continues to evolve, and one of those ways is through the use of techniques to improve the targeting (and therefore effectiveness) of the message.  The employment of micro-selects is a relatively new method for improving the performance of a targeted mailing list.


The days of solely targeting prospects by income and age are slowly fading as more “micro-selects” (also known as propensities) are becoming available. The idea is to target the exact prospects you are looking for, rather than the groups where they are more common. Marketing results are proven to increase significantly with the proper use of micro-selects.
Thousands of micro-selects are available in tremendously fine detail. Want to get a list of consumers who have a brand propensity for GEICO automotive insurance near your State Farm Insurance location? No problem. Would you like a list of consumers who have an affinity for a new Chevrolet car near your Chevy dealership? Done. Would you be interested in a list of individuals who hold liberal (or conservative, or neutral) views for your next political mailing? Easy. Our print and mailing experts can help you develop almost any specific micro-select targeted mailing lists that you may need.