Notepads and More Notepads

‘Tis the season for notepads, or so it seems.  For some reason, we’ve been producing unusually large quantities of custom notepads over the last few weeks.  In some cases, it’s been hundreds and hundreds of custom notepads for a customer; in other cases, it’s dozens and dozens.  Sometimes we’re producing just a few custom notepads for a client.  At any rate, there seems to be a severe case of “notepad fever” in Dallas, although we’ve also been shipping a large quantity of them out of town and out of state (the contagion is spreading!).

Many of our larger runs of notepads have been produced with offset printing, which is very economical for large runs of 1-color or 2-color printed sheets, which is perfect for a lot of corporate logos.  For 500 or 1000 notepads of 50 sheets each, you’re looking at 25,000 or 50,000 printed sheets – ideal for an offset press.  Even much smaller quantities of notepads can be printed efficiently on an offset press.

For personalized notepads (everyone wants a notepad with their name on it!), full color notepads, or smaller notepad quantities, digital printing is usually the most cost-effective printing method.  Another cool option is black printing on pastel or bright (think neon) papers.  The notepads with colored stocks always look distinctive and are a great option if you’re looking for notepads with “personality”.  No matter which direction you want to go, we can make suggestions for the most cost-effective method to achieve the look that you want.  As always, your job will be completed quickly and expertly.

Got a custom notepad idea bouncing around in your head?  Contact our helpful, friendly print professionals for help with your “notepad fever”.