The digital war for your attention is real. According to, the average smartphone user checks their device 47 times a day. That’s 17,155 times a year!

What’s more staggering is 85% of smartphone users check their device while speaking with friends and family. Good news, however: many have come to recognize that things are off balance. In fact, 47% of users have tried in some capacity to limit their digital consumption, although only 30% have been successful.

These statistics should prove to today’s marketers this fact:
The struggle with digital addiction gives print one of the most profound, impactful benefits of all:
it isn’t digital.

In today’s oversaturated digital world, audiences have begun to appreciate companies that use marketing that gives them a chance to unplug from all things digital, and it’s one of the reasons that direct-mail response rates continue to rise. Those same smartphone users, 92% of them in fact, say they prefer direct mail when making purchasing decisions (according to a recent DMR report).

The choice is simple: by offering the tangible, physical, non-intrusive experience print marketing provides, you’re allowing your consumers to unplug, to interact with, and to give full attention to your brand.

It’s not digital:
That’s the Print Advantage!