Coronavirus is still the daily headline, so DALLAS PRINTING is continuing with our closed lobby, contactless delivery availability, curbside service, mask wearing, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, etc.  There’s no doubt that we’re in for a long slog with this pandemic.  The recent increase in infections is a painful reminder for all of us to be vigilant in our social distancing and infection prevention efforts.

June has been the definite bright spot in the second quarter of the year.  We’ve seen a major resurgence in orders as our clients have restarted their businesses or increased their activity levels.  There has been less coronavirus-related printing and more regular printing; direct mail has also been particularly strong during the month.  We were concerned about the potential impact of the closed lobby on our customers, but everyone has adapted to it extremely well – “smooth” is a good descriptor to explain how well it has worked.

Please let us know if we can be of help in any way – call, email, or send a note through our website.  We’d love to see you in person, but it’ll have to wait until the post-coronavirus celebration!  Looking forward to that with much anticipation…  Hoping and praying for a coronavirus vaccine and/or effective treatment to occur as soon as possible!  Stay safe and healthy!