The Color Conference (“The Industry’s Premier Color Event”) was recently held in Dallas, Texas and DALLAS PRINTING was represented by our senior graphic designer.

 This three-day event was presented by Printing United Alliance and presented a broad range of both theoretical and practical educational sessions about color as it relates to the printing industry. 

A partial listing of some of the topics presented at the conference:

  • Color Management Fundamentals
  • The Spectrum of Influence: Navigating the Power of Color and Forecasting Future Trends
  • A New and Better Spot Color Matching System
  • LED vs. FL Light Sources – Differences & Implications for Retail, Viewing Booths, and Standards
  • 7 Deadly Sins of Color Management (and How to Absolve Them)
  • The Conversion from Conventional to Digital – What About Your Color?
  • Color Gamuts and Other Visualizations: An Update
  • Automated Color Management
  • G7+™, the World’s Best Calibration System, Made Better
  • G7+™ Expert Course and Certification

As part of the course, our senior graphic designer was certified as a G7+™ Expert as a member of the first cohort certified at the G7+™ level worldwide.  He has been previously certified as a G7™ Expert for several years and DALLAS PRINTING has correspondingly been a G7™ Certified Facility.  This is part of our effort at DALLAS PRINTING to be at the leading edge of knowledge and process capability in the printing industry.