DALLAS PRINTING commissioned a new color digital printing press earlier this month.  Our new press represents the state of the art in commercial printing.  It prints at 2400 X 2400 dpi (as do our other presses) on stock weights up to 150# cover and has advanced capabilities including in-line photospectrometers for continuous color management and consistency, paper-conditioning technology for improved paper handling and image quality, a sensing unit to ensure color tone accuracy and precise front-to-back image registration, multi-exposure technology to write every dot on the drum twice to maintain high image quality across long production runs, and rapid surface fusing technology to print over 6,000 pages per hour.  We’ve printed almost 200,000 pages on our new press already, and it has performed flawlessly!

Color print volumes are expected to have a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6% in the United States through 2027, according to a recently released printing industry study.  DALLAS PRINTING has experienced more than double that color printing growth rate over the last decade, so this new color digital printing press will help us maintain and even accelerate that growth.