If you’re like me, you get unsolicited advertising emails faster than you can delete them and unsubscribe (not that I ever subscribed in the first place).  Pop-up and display ads are seemingly everywhere online, and consumer trust of social media platforms is at an all-time low.  It’s no wonder that direct mail is experiencing a revival among many marketers.  A recent study by the USPS found that 62% of millennials (ages 27-42) tend to read through the advertising mail that they receive.  How well do you think that effectiveness compares to email marketing and pop-up ads?  (hint: direct mail response rates are five to nine times higher than any other advertising channel) Direct mail actually has credibility and an element of novelty compared to the landslide of digital advertising that everyone experiences these days.  With personalization and hyper-targeting, direct mail’s effectiveness can be maximized to obtain the results that you need.

DALLAS PRINTING just installed a new shrink tunnel.  This equipment will further speed up our shrink-wrapping process and reduce the labor required for projects with a large shrink-wrapping component.

We recently had an interim progress review meeting with a client on a major project that she has been wanting to get done for years.  She was so happy with the work we had completed that she started crying tears of joy.  We don’t typically get too many tears around here but smiles and grins are pretty common.  How can we make you smile?