​DALLAS PRINTING recently installed a dimensional letter sign on a wall in our lobby.  The signage was our logo, with the full-color interlocking “dp” and DALLAS PRINTING wordmark.  Dimensional letters can be made from acrylic, formed plastic, cut metal, and cast metal.  The dimensional letters for this sign were cut from ½” thick acrylic and had full-color printed faces.  Installation utilized a precision template made from the same digital file used to create the dimensional letters to ensure accurate spacing.

Installation of dimensional letter signs is straightforward.  First. the precision installation template is properly positioned on the wall – level, at the proper height, and centered horizontally.  Second, the letters and other elements are applied to the wall with special permanent double-sided signage tape, using the installation template as a positioning guide.  Lastly, the installation template is removed, leaving the completed sign in place.

In addition to dimensional letter signs, DALLAS PRINTING has a wide array of signage capabilities, including foam board posters (with or without lamination), regular posters, wall coverings, banners, floor graphics, aluminum signs, and adhesive vinyl signs.

For our dimensional letter sign project, a few pictures are worth a thousand words: