DALLAS PRINTING just rebranded with a new logo (process described in the December blog post).  As part of the implementation of our new look, we updated the vinyl signage on our front and back doors.  We designed, printed, laminated, contour cut, and installed the full-color UV-protected vinyl signage:

January has been a very busy month for us (no recession in sight – fingers crossed).  One of the large jobs that we’ve completed this month was a mailing for a regional financial institution.  Dallas Printing mailed over 52,000 full-color, 6-page letters to our client’s customer base.  We took the client’s address list, eliminated duplicates, performed address updates using the NCOA (National Change of Address) system, removed undeliverables, and presorted for the USPS to obtain the maximum postage discounts.  We addressed the envelopes with crisp laser printing using the cleaned-up list.  Then we printed the letters, which were collated, folded, and inserted into the addressed envelopes which were sealed and placed into mail trays before being delivered to the USPS Business Mail Entry Unit.  This is a photo of the mailing at the USPS BMEU (>250 mail trays) after being unloaded and placed into APCs:

DALLAS PRINTING is more than just printing – signage, mailing services, graphic design, and marketing are some of our areas of expertise.  How can we help?