DALLAS PRINTING has been very busy recently, with our “best month ever” in September based on total sales and production volume.  We had a nice barbecue dinner for our employees last week from Terry Black’s Barbecue to honor their diligent efforts in making the September performance possible.  Smoked brisket, sausage, and all the sides is a great way to celebrate!

As usual, we’ve been doing a wide range of print-related projects, but two areas really stand out:  labels and personalized, segmented mailings.  We’ve been printing large volumes of die-cut labels, “crack ‘n peel” style labels, and contour-cut vinyl labels.  The digital presses and wide format printer have been kept busy with all the labels!  The contour cutter has also been running virtually continuously for weeks now, precisely cutting out the specific shapes of the various vinyl labels.

On the mailing side, we’re in the midst of doing an annual fundraising mailing to over 10,000 recipients.  The mailing includes personalized letters (which are also segmented – 10 different groups, with specific content according to recipient categories) as part of the 7-piece mailing.  We’re also working on an interesting mailing project in which recipients receive one of 20 different booklets specifically designed and printed for them, depending on their classification.  Do you have a complex mailing job that you need assistance with?  Perhaps a very important mailing that must be done right?  DALLAS PRINTING is your trusted partner for mailings, from simple and basic to highly complicated, detailed projects.  Let’s talk about your mailing needs.