The printing industry is continuing to see limited availability on certain stocks, with backorders and shortages very common.  Unfortunately, we are also seeing additional price increases, with price hikes already implemented this year and more on the way.  The supply chain problems are definitely not improving at this point in 2022 and may be further deteriorating.   To quote one of our suppliers: “It’s gonna be a rough year.”  Some of the situations that we are seeing:

  • Coated stocks (particularly gloss cover and gloss text) and envelopes have been some of the hardest products to obtain. When they become available, they tend to sell out quickly.  This has affected even some very common items (grocery store equivalents:  milk and bread).
  • Less common items are becoming increasingly difficult or sometimes impossible to obtain. The paper and envelope manufacturers are understandably focusing their efforts on producing the most commonly used items.  Some products have been discontinued or put on indefinite hold for production.
  • Transportation costs are increasing due to fuel and labor cost increases, putting further pressure on product costs and even lead times. Delays and backlogs continue at ports worldwide.



What can be done???

  • Dallas Printing is doing everything we possibly can to maintain our inventory levels of commonly used stocks so that any short-term product shortages or backorders do not impact our ability to get your print project done.
  • Be flexible! Sometimes a certain stock is not currently available, but we can almost always offer a very close alternative.  Willingness to accept a slightly different color when possible (for example, Avon Brilliant White instead of Solar White), different weight (e.g., 80# text instead of 70# text), or even size (such as a 5.5” X 11” postcard instead of a 6” X 11” postcard) can often make your project happen much faster.
  • Plan ahead! Dallas Printing takes pride in meeting short deadlines, but if necessary papers and/or envelopes are unavailable or on backorder, we are limited in what we can do.  Placing your order well before it is needed helps provide more time for procuring the necessary stocks, which is very helpful for items which are delayed or on backorder.