With 2022 well underway, many of us are working to improve our businesses – to make things better, faster, or cheaper (or hopefully, even all three).  Everyone is working hard.  Many are burned out from two years of pandemic exacerbated stress.  How about an idea to make things better/faster/cheaper?  Online ordering portals from Dallas Printing can help you achieve that elusive triumvirate.  Have you ever seen this sign or heard something similar?

Online ordering portals from Dallas Printing can help you achieve all those goals if you have regular recurring orders.  Our online ordering portals work especially well for companies with multiple locations around the state or nation.  Some highlights of our online ordering portals:

Custom configured for your requirements

  • Portal access and authorization levels are tailored to your needs
  • Order history can be conveniently retrieved and reviewed
  • Categories can be organized by department, product, etc.
  • Products are easily added, modified, or deleted as operational requirements change

Ensure consistency of procurement

  • Compliance with corporate graphic standards is assured
  • Uniform product specifications provide “one company” presence across all departments
  • Consistent layout of products is maintained
  • Established pricing ensures cost predictability and control

Fast and Efficient

  • All products on the portal are available for ordering 24/7
  • Immediate proofing and approval reduce time-consuming steps
  • Quick order entry saves time and money
  • Pre-configured options and formatting ensure effortless uniformity
  • Autofill capabilities speed the process of inputting specific information such as departments and addresses while ensuring consistency of appearance
  • Orders proceed directly to production, getting product to the user quickly and easily
  • We can ship or deliver directly to your location(s), eliminating an additional step for you


Online ordering portals are not worthwhile for one-off jobs or infrequently ordered items.  But if you have frequent orders of the same products (even customized items), portals may be the ticket to improved performance and reduced time and effort from your staff.  Give us a call to discuss whether online ordering portals from Dallas Printing are a fit for your business or organization!