The United States Postal Service has announced postal rate changes which go into effect on August 29th.  The postage for a stamped First Class Letter (up to one ounce) will increase from $.55 to $.58.  The price of an additional ounce will be unchanged at $.20.  Needless to say, right now is a great time to buy Forever Stamps if you anticipate needing postage stamps in the near future. 

Mailing services from Dallas Printing are a great way to manage and mitigate the cost of postage for your large mailings.  With our NCOA (National Change of Address) service, you can correct addresses and eliminate undeliverable mailpieces so that no postage is wasted.  USPS mail presort services from Dallas Printing enable you to obtain the maximum postage discounts on your mailings (available on both First Class and Standard mailings).  It’s a win-win situation when you can eliminate undeliverable mailpieces and the corresponding postage and printing costs, while you also minimize the actual postage cost for deliverable mailpieces.  Give us a call to discuss your mailing needs!