DALLAS PRINTING just installed a new full-color digital printing press with feeder, take-off conveyor, and enhanced color-management software.  This new machine is an upgrade and replacement of one of our existing presses and provides the capability of printing full-color “laser-safe” envelopes, letterhead, and other materials.  The laser-safe capability is very important, as most existing full-color digital presses print products that are susceptible to dry ink melting and smearing when run through an end-user’s laser printer.  If you are overprinting envelopes, letterhead, or other pre-printed materials, you need laser-safe products that will not damage your laser printer. 

Our new digital press is particularly cost-effective on short-run jobs of a few thousand pieces or fewer, as it does not have the requirements for printing plates and set-up of a full-color offset press.  Your order gets produced cost-effectively, quickly, and with minimal waste.  The enhanced color-management software package with this full-color digital press allows us to calibrate it to meet G7 Master Colorspace standards, ensuring accurate color that is consistent with our other digital presses and large format printer.  This also ensures repeatable compliance with your corporate graphic standards.  Our new digital press helps ensure high levels of quality, fast turnaround time, and cost-effectiveness.  For full-color digital printing in Dallas TX, we are your source!