Aluminum Signs

Dallas Printing makes custom aluminum signs with graphics and verbiage tailored to your specific needs! Aluminum signs are ideal for situations where a durable, long-term outdoor sign installation is needed. Aluminum signs have a strong, stiff aluminum back with a permanent adhesive laminated vinyl material adhered to it. The clear lamination layer (gloss or matte) on top of the printed vinyl provides UV resistance so that colors remain vibrant and crisp for years. Common aluminum sign sizes include 6” X 9”, 6” X 12”, 6” X 18”, 6” X 24”, 9” X 12”, 12” X 12”, 12” X 18”, 12” X 24”, 12” X 36”, 15” X 21”, 15” X 30”, 18” X 18”, 18” X 24”, 18” X 30”, 18” X 36”, 24” X 24”, 24” X 30”, 24” X 36”, 24” X 48”, 30” X 30”, 30” X 36”, 36” X 36”, 18” diameter circle, and 24” diameter circle.

We typically use thick .080”  aluminum for our signs to ensure that they are strong enough to hold up well in adverse outdoor conditions. Aluminum signs often have rounded corners for safety and holes drilled for easy installation. DALLAS PRINTING can make almost any size and shape of aluminum sign in Dallas TX!

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