Even in a world of digital organizers and desktop planners, the paper calendar remains a staple in many offices and households. Its usefulness and constant availability make it indispensable for many people. Did you know that you can create a customized calendar in almost any style at DALLAS PRINTING? Whether you need a compact table-tent calendar, jumbo poster calendar for hanging on the wall, daily flip calendar, monthly hanging calendar, wallet-sized laminated calendar, or a large desk calendar for writing notes, we can help!  For custom calendars in Dallas TX, we can provide you with virtually unlimited options!

Customized calendars can be used for a variety of purposes like tracking important dates and business planning, and they make great gifts or promotional giveaways. Calendars are displayed throughout the year and often viewed several times per day, helping maintain front-of-mind awareness. Keep your company’s logo, name, and contact information at the ready with customized calendars.

We’ll give your customized calendar – whatever style you choose – a professional look that will make you feel proud to have it displayed at home or in the office. Table-tent calendars are a great way to show an entire year in a compact footprint that can fit almost anywhere. Jumbo poster calendars display the entire year at a glance, and can be designed to encourage use as a monthly planner. Include visually appealing images or motivational graphics to encourage calendar display. We also makes wallet-sized, laminated calendars that customers literally keep with them year-round. Daily flip calendars with quotations or “tips and tricks” keep calendar users thinking about you each day. Monthly hanging calendars are popular for their ability to tailor a calendar image to each month of the year. We can even include your company logo as a screened watermark in the background of your wall or desk calendar. You can see that whatever your needs for calendars, we can handle it! Stop in today and let us help you get started on your customized calendar!

DALLAS PRINTING is the printing company for outstanding quality calendar printing in Dallas TX with quick turnaround, great pricing, and helpful, expert service. Contact us to get started – call, click, or come by!

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