Carbonless Forms

DALLAS PRINTING specializes in carbonless forms printing in Dallas TX in two, three, four, or five parts. 2-part and 3-part carbonless forms are definitely the most common types of carbonless forms, but we also produce 4-part and 5-part carbonless forms for those who need these special forms. Carbonless forms are great for production orders, purchase requisitions, delivery receipts, packing slips, credit applications, expense reports, field tickets, estimates, and much more!

Although carbonless forms are most often printed in black ink, you may also want to consider full-color printing. The difference that full-color printing can make on the appearance of your forms can be dramatic, and is a great way to enhance your brand.

Carbonless forms can also be printed on both sides if needed. The front side includes the information that is filled out manually and duplicated on the front of the sheet(s) below, and the back side is usually comprised of terms and conditions related to the document.

If you need a way to track or cross-reference your forms, we can sequentially number your carbonless forms. The numbering can be comprised of as few or as many digits as desired and can be started at any desired number; the numbers can be placed at virtually any location on the forms.  We are your reliable source for numbered carbonless business forms printing.

DALLAS PRINTING can put your carbonless forms in a pad with a chipboard back, as well as a wrap-around cover if desired. Pads of carbonless forms can be glued on one edge so that each carbonless set can be easily peeled off as needed. Alternately, perforated carbonless forms can be unitized via stapling of the perforated tab, so that carbonless sets can be torn out of the pad, leaving the stapled perforated tabs in the pad. We can create your carbonless form pads in almost any configuration or size you need – just let us know what you want to do!

Carbonless forms most commonly are produced in the following color combinations:

2 Part Carbonless Forms

3 Part Carbonless form

4 Part Carbonless Form

5 Part Carbonless Form

If you have a special need that is not met by the colors of the standard pre-collated sequence of carbonless paper, we can obtain sheets of individual colors and combine them to obtain the carbonless forms that you need. As an example, we have produced 2-part carbonless forms in white/white and green/green color combinations. Almost any color combination is possible!

Carbonless forms use a combination of papers that are coated on the front (CF), coated on the back (CB), and/or coated on the front and back (CFB). The coating on the back of the sheet above has microscopic capsules that contain image forming dyes; the coating on the front of the sheet below has mating chemistry that accepts the image forming dyes. When pressure is applied to a carbonless form (usually via a pen), the microcapsules on the back of the sheet above are broken and the image-forming dyes are transferred to the corresponding chemistry on the front side of the sheet below. The chemicals react to form a black image. The dyes from the microcapsules only interact with the chemistry on the front of the coated sheets, making them perfectly safe around other papers, clothing, and other items. Images on a carbonless form are clean, legible, and permanent for the life of the document.

As an example, 2-part carbonless paper is often comprised of a white top sheet and a canary bottom sheet. The white top sheet is coated on the back (CB) with microscopic capsules that contain image forming dyes. The canary bottom sheet is coated on the front (CF) with a corresponding chemistry that accepts the image forming dyes to form an image when pressure is applied and the microscopic capsules are broken. In a similar way, 3-part carbonless paper is often comprised of a white top sheet coated on the back (CB), a middle canary sheet coated on the front and back (CFB), and a pink bottom sheet coated on the front (CF).

If you’re not interested in how the chemistry of carbonless paper works, don’t worry – all you need to know is that carbonless forms are a great way to automatically make a professional duplicate of a form as the form is filled out, without any additional steps needed!  For carbonless business forms, you’ve come to the right place!

We also offer the following services commonly used in conjunction with carbonless forms:

  • Graphic design – design of carbonless forms, whether simple or complex
  • Numbering – track or cross-reference your carbonless forms
  • Padding – with chipboard back and wrap-around cover if desired
  • Perforating – perforated forms can be torn out of a unitized, stapled pad or booklet
  • Shrink-wrapping – protect forms and/or facilitate distribution of batches of forms

DALLAS PRINTING is your go-to source for highest quality carbonless forms printing in Dallas TX with fast turnaround, excellent pricing, and friendly, expert service. Contact us for a quote or to get started on your project!

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