Direct Mail

Many businesses know that direct mail (also known as business mail) is a great way to deepen customer loyalty and increase front-of-mind awareness. Non-profit organizations also use direct mail to stay in contact with supporters, keep them informed, and help raise funds. Politicians use direct mail to reach voters and communicate about relevant issues with constituents. When you’re ready to launch a direct mail campaign, the place to start is at DALLAS PRINTING. We are experts at creating successful, custom printed direct mail in Dallas TX – we know what it takes to “wow” your customers and prospects.

Direct mail has many advantages. It is:

  • Targeted – focus your time, effort, and budget.
  • Measurable – learn what works and what doesn’t work, and apply that knowledge to future mailings.
  • Tangible – recipients can hold it and save it.
  • Powerful – use personalized messaging and graphics; QR codes can link directly to your website for even more engagement and information availability.
  • Flexible – unlimited formats, including postcards, letters, folded mailers, newsletters, and more.
  • Cost Effective – as inexpensive as a postcard.

Many businesses have “rediscovered” direct mail advertising and it has experienced a resurgence as a valuable marketing strategy. As angst and concern has grown regarding online privacy and hacking of confidential information, consumers are increasingly hesitant to open emails and click on digital ads. Direct mail provides a tangible, physical touchpoint and consistently provides has the best return on investment of any advertising medium.  DALLAS PRINTING is your trusted source for direct mail advertising in Dallas TX.

Integration of your various sales and marketing efforts is an important aspect of ensuring the success of your organization. One way to coordinate your direct mail campaign in Dallas TX with your web-based marketing efforts (such as your company’s website, YouTube videos of products and services, your Facebook page, etc.) is by including a Quick Response (QR) Code on your mailpiece. When someone scans the QR code with their smartphone, they are immediately taken to the website designated by the QR code, where they can get even more information about your company and its offerings. In this way, the direct mail marketing channel makes the initial contact and provides information while simultaneously linking to additional (web-based) content.

Your mailpiece can be sent via first-class or standard delivery, or by using Every Door Direct Mail from the USPS. First-class mail has the fastest delivery, but standard mail has the advantage of lower postage rates.

  • Use First-class mail for personalized letters, invitations, or any communication with a personal touch.
  • Standard mail is ideal for sending postcards, printed flyers, advertisements, or newsletters.
  • Every Door Direct Mail is a very cost-effective method to saturate a specific geographic area with a marketing mailing, since postage costs are reduced and specific addressing is not needed. Blanket targeted neighborhoods in Dallas TX with your direct mail message.

DALLAS PRINTING has the staff, equipment, and mailing knowledge to take your direct mail campaign from concept to completion. We offer in-house design and custom printing, as well as the full range of mailing services: mailing lists, mail processing, NCOA processing, CASS certification, addressing, labeling, folding, collating, tabbing, inserting, envelope sealing, stamping, postage indicia, postage discounts, and more! We can even address your mailing in whatever font style, color, and size that you want – the ideal extra touch for those important mailings that have to be perfect.

Eye-catching design, crisp production, and efficient, low-cost mailing are essential to the success of your direct mail campaign. No matter what the need, we can create the look, produce a fine product, and distribute that product to your customers and prospects. DALLAS PRINTING is committed to finding the best way to get your word out.

DALLAS PRINTING is the printing company for outstanding quality direct mail printing in Dallas TX with quick turnaround, great pricing, and helpful, expert service.  Contact us to get started – call, click, or come by!

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