Embossing is the process of using a special die to create a raised design in paper. With the three-dimensional appearance created by embossing, there is both a visual and tactile difference compared to a regular piece without embossing. DALLAS PRINTING can perform embossing on either text weight paper (such as letterhead or envelopes) or on cover weight stock (such as business cards, note cards, presentation folders, or announcement cards). We’re the experts at embossing in Dallas TX. Embossing can be done in register with a printed design such that the printed design is raised, or “blind” embossing can be done on a blank portion of the stock.

Embossing creates an elegant and sophisticated product that will be a step above a regular, unembossed product. DALLAS PRINTING can create an embossing design for you, get the embossing die fabricated, and perform the embossing itself. Because a custom embossing die must be created for each job, embossing is most cost effective for jobs with quantities in the hundreds or thousands.

DALLAS PRINTING is the printing company for outstanding quality embossing in Dallas TX with quick turnaround, great pricing, and helpful, expert service. Contact us to get started – call, click, or come by!

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