Dallas Printing carries a wide range of envelopes, including business and social envelopes. 

Some of the business envelopes that we have include:

  • #6-3/4 Regular Envelopes (3.625” X 6.5”)
  • #7-3/4 Regular Envelopes (3.875” X 7.5”)
  • #9 Regular Envelopes (3.875” X 8.875”)
  • #10 Regular Envelopes (4.125” X 9.5”)
  • #10 Window Envelopes (4.125” X 9.5”)
  • 6” X 9” Booklet Envelopes
  • 6” X 9” Catalog Envelopes
  • 9” X 12” Booklet Envelopes
  • 9” X 12” Catalog Envelopes
  • 10” X 13” Booklet Envelopes
  • 10” X 13” Catalog Envelopes

Other envelope sizes are also available.  The most common paper weight for envelopes is 24# writing/60# text; many envelopes are also available in a 28# writing/70# text weight.  A limited number of envelopes are also available in a 32# writing/80# text weight; these are typically higher-end luxury envelopes.  Some envelopes are also available with security tint or peel ‘n seal closure.  Booklet envelopes have the flap on the long edge of the envelope; catalog envelopes have the flap on the short edge of the envelope.  In addition to generic commodity envelopes, we also carry brands including Cougar, Classic Crest, Classic Linen, Classic Laid, and more.

Some of the social envelopes we have include:

  • A-2 Envelopes (4.375” X 5.75”)
  • A-6 Envelopes (4.75” X 6.5”)
  • A-7 Envelopes (5.25” X 7.25”)
  • A-8 Envelopes (5.5” X 8.125”)
  • A-9 Envelopes (5.75” X 8.75”)
  • A-10 Envelopes (6” X 9.5”)
  • 4-Bar Envelopes (3.625” X 5.125”)
  • 5-Bar Envelopes (4.375” X 5.75”)
  • 6-Bar Envelopes (4.75” X 6.5”)
  • Lee Envelopes (5.25” X 7.25”)
    The “A” style social envelopes have a square flap and are the more popular style; the Baronial (Bar) envelopes have a pointed flap and are the more formal/traditional style.

Some of the more specialized envelopes that Dallas Printing has include:

  • 5” Square Envelopes
  • 5” Square Envelopes
  • 6” Square Envelopes
  • 5” Square Envelopes
  • #6-3/4 Remittance Envelopes (3.625” X 6.5” with long flap)
  • #9 Remittance Envelopes (3.875” X 8.875” with long flap)

Other specialty envelopes are also available – please let us know what you need!

And of course, we print envelopes!  We can print the front and/or back of your envelopes in full color or black.  We can address your envelopes also!  Dallas Printing also has mailing services for your envelopes and their contents.  Please let us know how we can help!

DALLAS PRINTING is the leading printer in Dallas TX for excellent quality envelopes with quick turnaround, outstanding pricing, and friendly, professional service. Contact us for a quote or to get started!

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