First-Class Mail with Postage Discounts

DALLAS PRINTING can apply first-class postage to your next direct mailing using our first-class permit imprint indicia to obtain first class mail postage discounts in Dallas TX. Utilizing our mailing services and postage discounts will enable you to save big on your next direct mail campaign.

When is the use of first-class permit imprint indicia a superior option to postage stamps or postage metering? First-class permit imprint indicia is the most cost-effective method of applying postage to a mailpiece when mailing large quantities that need to be delivered quickly. We pre-sort the mail for the U.S. Postal Service and in return receive a discounted postage rate for the mailing; you pay for the pre-sorting service and receive the benefit of the discounted postage rate. The savings from the discounted first-class postage rate can be very substantial, depending on the volume of mail.

DALLAS PRINTING has both first-class and standard permit imprint indicia, as well as package service indicia. First-class mail postage rates are somewhat higher than standard mail postage rates, but obtain quicker and more consistent delivery times in return. For time-sensitive mailings, first-class mail is definitely the way to go!

DALLAS PRINTING is your go-to source for highest quality first-class mail with postage discounts in Dallas TX with fast turnaround, excellent pricing, and friendly, expert service. Contact us for a quote or to get started on your project!

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