Floor Graphics Signage Custom Non-Slip Commercial Grade

DALLAS PRINTING is your source for custom floor graphics (adhesive floor signage) that gets attention!  Sometimes called floor stickers or decals, our floor sign graphics are commercial grade vinyl floor signs printed in vibrant colors with a clear, heavy duty non-slip over-laminate for maximum safety.  The non-slip over-laminate adds toughness and helps protect the floor sign from foot traffic and allows floor cleaning activities to continue.  Our custom floor graphics signs are an effective marketing tool and can also be used to direct customers and assist with social distancing of customers in your business.  The coronavirus COVID19 pandemic has greatly increased the use of floor signage graphics in directing the flow of customers within businesses and helping promote social distancing efforts, as businesses have seen their usefulness in this area.

DALLAS PRINTING designs, prints, and manufactures your custom floor graphics in our Dallas, Texas facility, so we can easily include your company logo and colors and customize the message to your specific needs.  While many floor graphics are rectangular, we can custom cut your floor signage to be virtually any shape – circle, oval, arrow, triangle, or a unique shape that fits your message or logo.  Bottom line: we can customize your floor sign graphics to say practically anything, be of almost any size and shape, and utilize your logos and special colors!  Give us a call or send an email to get started on your project!

Examples of some of the floor graphics that we can produce include:

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