Foil Embossing

Foil embossing is when embossing is performed in conjunction with foil stamping to create a raised, foil stamped image.  Dallas Printing is your trusted source for foil embossing in Dallas, TX and beyond.  Foil embossing requires a special brass combination die that enables both processes to be done simultaneously in register.  Counters are also used in the foil embossing process; they are the mating pieces to the foil embossing dies and are essential to obtain a crisply detailed image.

Foil color options include shiny gold, matte, gold, shiny silver, matte silver, and a range of metallic colors.  Embossing can be done as a flat raised image (single level) or a multi-level image that provides even more depth and richness.  Foil embossing is a technique which can produce an extraordinarily beautiful and unique image.

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