DALLAS PRINTING can print and affix a wide variety of labels for your next mailing. Some common die-cut label sizes include 2-5/8” X 1” (very common address label size), 4” X 2”, 4” X 3-1/3” (very common mailing label size), and 5” X 3-1/2”. The smaller label sizes are most commonly used as address labels (with only the recipient’s address or the sender’s return address), while the larger label sizes are generally considered mailing labels (with both the sender’s address and the recipient’s address). The larger mailing labels are often used for large envelopes and provide a clean, professional appearance.  DALLAS PRINTING often does marketing mailings of catalogs and other items in large envelopes utilizing the full-size all-in-one mailing labels.

Need a custom label size? DALLAS PRINTING can make labels in whatever size you may need! We can print on 8.5” X 11” or larger label stock and cut the label stock to the exact size that you need with our professional cutting equipment. We can also provide labels on a roll, specialty die-cut labels, or labels on custom label stock – give us a call to discuss your needs!

We also recommend that you consider printing addresses directly onto the mailpiece for your next direct mail campaign rather than labeling. Directly printing addresses onto mailpieces eliminates the cost of the label and the labor to apply the label, and often provides a cleaner, more streamlined appearance.

DALLAS PRINTING is the printing company for outstanding quality labeling in Dallas TX with quick turnaround, great pricing, and helpful, expert service. Contact us to get started – call, click, or come by!

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