Marketing Materials

Printed marketing materials are essential tools for all successful businesses, and DALLAS PRINTING can design and print custom marketing materials that will help your company stand out! For marketing materials printing in Dallas TX, we are your trusted resource. Marketing materials present critical information about your company, products, and services that your customers and prospects need. Reach your audience with marketing materials in as many different ways as possible to maximize your results.

Business Cards

A great business card can be one of your most effective pieces of marketing collateral. In addition to contact information, include a description of your company’s offerings or capabilities. Use the back of the card or even a fold-over business card to increase the display space! Whatever its design, your business card should be of excellent quality, since it represents you and your company long after the business card has been presented. We have a lot of great ideas on creating effective, high-quality business cards that will impress.

Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures can be simple (black printing on white or colored paper), fancy (full-color printing on heavy, glossy cardstock), or anything in-between. Flyers and brochures are great ways to get more detailed information about your business into the hands of decision-makers. Custom flyers and brochures from DALLAS PRINTING are printed marketing materials that will positively impact your recipients!


Postcards are mini-billboards that are sent directly to customers or prospects who are likely users of your company’s products and services. Excellent graphic design, concise yet useful information, a compelling offer, and a properly targeted mailing list ensure a successful postcard mailing campaign. DALLAS PRINTING can help you with graphic design, custom printing, direct mailing, and all of the elements needed for postcard success!


A newsletter is an outstanding means of systematically providing useful information, giving a regular “touch” to a customer, prospect, or member, and building loyalty over time. Sending newsletters on a consistent basis requires a significant amount of effort but can have a correspondingly high return. We have vast experience in the design, custom printing, and direct mailing of all types of newsletters.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are an impressive way to hold and present a variety of marketing materials. A high-quality presentation folder filled with excellent printed marketing materials is an informative and effective follow-up to a carefully prepared sales pitch.


Looking for a way to encourage someone to try your business? Coupons are very flexible – they can be used narrowly to promote a specific item or broadly for the overall business. Use an expiration date to help ensure prompt action, and utilize the graphic design capabilities of DALLAS PRINTING to create eye-catching coupons!

Rack Cards

Restaurants, hotels, tourist centers, and other high-traffic areas where people congregate are prime areas where rack cards are often found. Rack cards reach prospects who may be looking for exactly what you are providing, at a time and place where they are ready to act!

Loyalty Cards

Who has never used a loyalty card from their favorite restaurant or store? Loyalty cards encourage repeat business by rewarding returning customers with a freebie or other prize based on their recurring purchases. Loyalty card printing can help generate return business for your company!

DALLAS PRINTING is your go-to source for highest quality marketing materials printing in Dallas TX with fast turnaround, excellent pricing, and friendly, expert service. Contact us for a quote or to get started on your project!

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