Newsletters are a popular way for successful businesses to tell their stories and connect with customers and prospects via direct mail. Organizations and clubs also use newsletters to keep their members informed, engaged, and aware of upcoming activities. For newsletters printing in Dallas TX, the helpful print experts at DALLAS PRINTING are your trusted resource!


Newsletters are a great way to provide a link to your web-based communication efforts (such as your company’s or organization’s website, YouTube videos of products and services, your Facebook page, etc.) by including a Quick Response (QR) code in the newsletter. When someone scans the QR code with their smartphone, they are immediately taken to the webpage designated by the QR code, where they can learn even more about your company or organization. Even more information than can be furnished in the newsletter is provided via the link to additional (web-based) content.

Printed newsletters are much more effective than e-mailed newsletters, for a number of reasons. Electronic communication is an important piece of any marketing or communication program, but printed materials have an unparalleled level of effectiveness:

  1. Printed mail gets delivered. It’s never blocked or caught in spam filters. Newsletters that never get to the recipient cannot be read.
  2. Printed newsletters have much greater perceived value. How many companies or organizations make the commitment of time, effort, and expense to regularly produce a printed newsletter? Your clients understand this, and your newsletter will get their  attention.
  3. Printed newsletters offer convenient and comfortable reading. Printed newsletters can be read anywhere by anyone – no computer, tablet, or cell phone required. Plus, reading printed material is much easier on the eyes than reading from a screen.
  4. Printed newsletters stand out and get noticed. Professional use of color, logos, and familiar design elements make a newsletter easily recognizable. An e-mailed newsletter is just another subject line in the e-mail inbox.
  5. Printed newsletters hang around. Many printed newsletters are read from cover to cover, and then are often passed along to others. It is common for printed newsletters to be read by two, three, or even four people. The “open rates” on e-mailed newsletters are abysmally low; studies show that most e-mailed newsletters are viewed for less than 30 seconds and most are never opened at all.
  6. Printed newsletters are not limited by bandwidth or file size restrictions. Use an unlimited number of high-resolution photos, graphics, and font styles.

DALLAS PRINTING provides many different production options for newsletters and can offer a solution for every budget and deadline requirement. There are many ways to print your newsletters, depending on your needs: black and white copying / b&w digital printingcolor copying / color digital printing, full color process printing, and offset printing in one, two, or more colors. Whether you need black printing on colored paper, full-color printing on matte or glossy stock, or something else, we’ve got you covered. Our wide range of custom printing capabilities ensures that we can do whatever you need.  DALLAS PRINTING can address and mail your newsletters for you, providing full turnkey mailing services and allowing you to take advantage of large volume postage discounts.

DALLAS PRINTING is the leading printing company for excellent quality newsletters printing in Dallas TX with quick turnaround, outstanding pricing, and friendly, professional service. Contact us for a quote or to get started!

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