For printing of custom notepads, DALLAS PRINTING is your trusted source.  Everybody uses notepads, so why not create custom notepads printed with your organization’s name and logo on them? Or take it a step further and create personalized notepads for each person in your organization.  Everyone loves getting and using personalized notepads with their own name.

Notepads also make terrific marketing giveaways for clients and prospects, since they are kept and used for a long time, keeping your organization’s name front and center. We can even print your notepads with variable data – make every sheet different.  Variable data notepads are a perfect way to highlight various product and service offerings on giveaway notepads with a unique image on every sheet.

We can design, print, cut, and pad high-quality notepads to your exact specifications. Make your custom notepads any size and with any sheet count that you desire. Want a special paper for your notepads?  No problem – we’ll make your custom notepads with virtually any paper that you want – from lightweight “multi-purpose” copy paper to heavier text weights and even cardstock!  Your pads can be produced with full color or black & white printing.  We can also match specific colors (including Pantone colors) and ensure compliance with your corporate graphic standards.    Because we do our notepad production in-house (print, cutting, and padding), we can also create pads of numbered order forms, registration forms, business forms, or virtually any other document.  DALLAS PRINTING is your trusted source for custom notepads – give us a call, send an email, or stop by to get started!


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