Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanning

Optical Character Recognition scanning – also known as OCR scanning – bridges the divide between hard copy documents and editable, searchable digital files. For OCR scanning services in Dallas TX, you need DALLAS PRINTING! If you have ever lost a document on your computer, but have a hard copy of your file, you know how frustrating it can be to sit and retype the text. Or, maybe you have a multitude of documents that simply need to be organized, but the thought of sifting through each piece of paper is overwhelming to you. Attorneys often need legal OCR scanning services to make huge volumes of hard copy documents searchable and manageable.  Whatever your need for OCR scanning services in Dallas TX, we’ve got the capability and expertise to handle the biggest, most complicated projects.

Situations like these can be resolved using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning. OCR document scanning instantly turns your paper documents into a digital format that can be edited and/or searched. Plus, you can store the equivalent of multiple filing cabinets of papers on a USB drive, CD/DVD, or portable hard drive. Here are more benefits provided by our OCR document scanning services in Dallas TX:

  • Printed text becomes editable text
  • Digital files are searchable
  • OCR scanning eliminates manual retyping
  • OCR scanning reduces the need for storing paper documents

DALLAS PRINTING is your go-to source for highest quality optical character recognition (OCR) scanning in Dallas TX with fast turnaround, excellent pricing, and friendly, expert service. Contact us for a quote or to get started on your project!

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