DALLAS PRINTING does virtually all of its printing on paper, which is obviously sourced from trees. Sustainable forest management practices ensure healthy and abundant forests for present and future generations, while providing renewable, natural, raw materials for the production of paper and packaging products. Here are some important facts about printing, paper, recycling, and sustainable forestry:​

  • Over the last six decades, the total forested area in the United States has increased 3%, while the volume of trees on timberland has increased 58%.
  • Demand for sustainably produced forest products like paper and packaging creates an incentive to properly manage forests and preserve forested land for future generations.
  • Most harvested trees are used to make lumber, rather than pulp and paper. In the U.S., only 36% of harvested timber is used for paper and paperboard; in Canada, this number is only 13%.
  • 89% of harvested pulpwood in the United States comes from private land. The income that landowners receive for trees grown on their land encourages them to maintain, sustainably manage, and renew this valuable resource.
  • 96% of the U.S. population has direct access to paper recycling. More than 65% of the paper and paperboard consumed in the U.S. in 2014 was recycled.
  • Paper accounts for over half of all recyclables collected in the United States. The amount of paper sent to landfills has declined nearly 50% since 2000.
  • Global demand to recover paper is expected to grow 2.5% per year through 2029.
  • Paper can be recycled up to 7 times.
  • DALLAS PRINTING uses paper that is certified as being sourced from sustainably managed forests. Our “house” sheets all contain recycled content and are sourced from sustainably managed forests. DALLAS PRINTING has a range of papers available for your selection that are derived either fully or partially from recycled fibers.