DALLAS PRINTING can apply postage stamps to your next mailing as an option to other postage alternatives such as permit imprint indicia or metering. We apply many tens of thousands of postage stamps to direct mail campaigns each year!

Why choose postage stamps for a direct mail campaign? Postage stamps have a more personal (less corporate) appearance and help ensure that your mailpiece stands out from other business mail that is either metered or sent utilizing USPS indicia, providing much greater visibility. Mailpieces with first class postage stamps have a very high open rate; getting the mailpiece opened by the recipient is the first and most vital step to ensuring that the contents are seen and read. Many direct mail professionals calculate that the incremental cost of a postage stamp vs. first class indicia is more than worthwhile based on higher opening rates and response to the mailing. A well-designed mailpiece with first class postage stamps attached will have virtually a 100% open rate and increased effectiveness as a result. Consider the use of postage stamps for your next direct mail campaign.

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