With so many papers available, how do you decide what papers to specify for your business stationery? Here is some information to consider. For more advice, talk to one of the knowledgeable customer service professionals at DALLAS PRINTING. We’re experts at choosing the perfect paper for every job.

  • Letterhead is typically printed on an uncoated, 60 or 70 pound text paper. If you prefer a significantly heavier letterhead, 80 pound text and even 100 pound text is available in certain paper brands. If you want a watermark on your letterhead, watermarks are typically available only on 60 pound text on those paper brands that offer them.
  • Letterhead paper is often smooth, but various textures are also available, including linen, laid, and wove finishes. Texture can add some distinctiveness and visual interest to your letterhead and other stationery. Let the experts at DALLAS PRINTING show you different options in textured paper.
  • Know your limitations. Check your office printer’s specifications before selecting a stock. You don’t want your letterhead’s weight to exceed the limitations of the office equipment you plan to use it on.
  • You’ll want envelopes to match your letterhead to ensure a professional, coordinated look. An exact brand and color match is essential, but the envelope paper weight should also correlate with the letterhead paper weight.
  • For business cards, 80 pound or 100 pound cover stock is most commonly used. For extra thick business cards, 120 or 130 pound cover stock may be an option. If your design includes photos or other detailed artwork, you may want to choose a coated stock instead, for slightly sharper print quality.
  • The color of paper you select will affect how inks appear when printed on it, since offset printing inks are translucent. Most shades of white paper have a minimal impact on print color, but the farther away from pure white that the substrate (paper) is, the greater the change to the apparent ink color. Make sure that you select a paper that will complement the ink colors needed for the design.
  • In the same way, it’s generally a good idea to avoid darker paper colors or distracting background images. Otherwise, your correspondence may be difficult to read when printed on your letterhead.

  • View the samples! DALLAS PRINTING has sample books filled with examples of the various paper offerings from a wide range of paper companies. Visit our printing company to take a look at these sample books and to get our advice for selecting a paper that’s right for you. Sample books are the best way to get a feel for the range of paper colors, weights, and textures that are available.